Christopher Esber

Since 2010, Australian designer Christopher Esber has been steadily building a reputation for himself with his luxe, easy-to-wear designs. Occupying a space between elegant minimalism and laid-back sensuality, Esber’s finely crafted pieces are casual without veering towards the basic. With a background in menswear and a degree from the Fashion Design Studio of East Sydney TAFE, Esber has developed a unique eye for precision tailoring, channeling these sartorial techniques through his eponymous womenswear line. Recognized for his structured yet fluid pieces, Esber explores the tension between “high” and “low” fashion, creating everyday pieces that are undeniably luxurious. Indeed, it’s Esber’s unique ability to synthesize seemingly disparate elements that has led the designer to win several prestigious accolades, including Vogue Italia’s Most Talented Designer Award for Australia-Pacific in 2015. Elegantly cut blazers, trousers, and skirts meet convertible knitwear pieces, with strappy kitten heel sandals completing the offering. Emanating nonchalant ease, each garment is meticulously constructed and complimented by unexpected detailing. By stripping back each garment to its fundamental core, Esber unveils the purity in understated beauty.
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