DANZY DESIGN STUDIO founded by Marshall Danzy Taulbert in 2018 is a creative outlet originating from Marshall’s mid-western upbringing cultivated with his love of Los Angeles where he currently resides.

Created as an homage to his family, and in particular his great-great grandmother “Mama Danzy”, who was known for her grand hand stitched quilts in the deep south during the early 1900’s. Danzy’s intention is to bring that same 1 of 1 look and vintage feel to each of their garments.

With no formal design training, Danzy relies on imagination and inspiration from various aspects of the Creative Director’s life to create each collection. Inspiration is drawn from his childhood, summer camps, sport teams, music and his weekly trips with his mom to their local mall in Oklahoma every Saturday as a child growing up.

The brands pure intention is to provide “Comfortably Chic” pieces that will stand the test of seasons.

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