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M Industry London

With an academic background in art history, a Ph.D. from NYU, and a deep love of fashion, Italian-born Maddalena Mincione knew that when she started a business it should be fueled by originality, by the creativity and technical ingenuity at the heart of the fashion world and by her love of art. She dreamed of a project that would inject the crowded world of fashion with something entirely fresh - something, she explains, "that hasn’t happened yet”.

She set out to make bags that would stand out from the pack and subvert expectations. A spirit of transgressive artistry runs through all the pieces in M Industry London's limited edition Vandal line. There is an exceptional attention to detail but also a humour and wit resulting in decadently vandalised bags that celebrate individuality and whimsy.

Each of the collections are crafted and produced in Italy, the bags are then reviewed and, in some cases, hand finished by our London-based artisans. The outcome is a selection of pieces that are both beautiful and fun, untethered from rigid seasonal concepts and truly global in appeal.

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