Mihara Yasuhiro

Mihara Yasuhiro
Mihara Yasuhiro was born in 1972 in Nagasaki, Japan. To expand on his interests in clothing design, he entered the Tama Art Design Department as a textile undergrad in 1993. After a year at school, Yasuhiro realized his interest in shoes and began teaching himself how to make shoes. With the help of a manufacturer, Yasuhiro launched his line of shoes in 1996. In 1997 he began to present collections with the focus of allowing people to enjoy the playful themes of each garment or shoe in his collection.
Black Layered Sheer with Rose Patches Dress
Pink Satin Commercial Zone Jacket
Black Cami Layered Dress
Navy Multi Yarn Cropped Knit Pullover
Black Mesh with Cut-outs Knit Top
Black Front Crop with Graffiti On Back Leather Jacket
Brown with Red Stripe Hooded Poncho
Oversized Denim Moto Jacket
Grey Tulle Layer Sweat Dress
Vintage Denim and Sweat Flare Pants
Grey Embroidered with Roses and Tulle Cropped Sweatshirt
Vintage Denim and Sweat Maxi Skirt
Blue Distressed Cable Knit with Cold Shoulder
Navy Wide Leg with Side Stripe Trouser
Black and Lime Floral Sheer Chiffon Dress
Vintage Super-Flare Denim
Navy with Lime Floral Back Flare T-Shirt
Black and Lime Floral Track Pullover Top
Navy and Lime Floral Chiffon Blouse
Navy and Lime Floral Satin Wide Leg Pants
Navy Pinstripe Blazer
Navy Pinstripe Sleeveless Peplum Top
Navy Pinstripe with Skirt Overlay Trousers
Cream Embellished "Commercial Zone" Pullover Top