The Pallas House was created by Daniel Pallas and Veronique Bousquet in 2012. The house was inspired by a friend named Hannelore Knuts, who influenced the duo to launch a line of perfectly tailored tuxedos made in France with the utmost attention to tailoring and the Parisian savoir-faire. Each piece of the collection is hand-created by a single artist and showcases the original technique improved gradually since 1960 and has fallen into the category of “petite couture”. The Pallas duo selects “Pallas women” to collaborate with ever season to further express their concepts. 
Black Tuxedo Jumpsuit
Black Python Lamé Blouse
Ivory Silk Blouse
Black Pencil Skirt with Side Slit
Black Brocade Tuxedo Trouser
Black Brocade Jacket Dress
Black Brocade Tuxedo Jacket
Black Trouser with Purple Overlay
Black Ankle Tie Trouser
Black Straight Leg Trouser
Black Short Sleeve Tuxedo Jacket