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Mondrian Gold Diamond Earrings

Mondrian Gold Diamond Earrings

Bee Goddess

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Mondrian’s gift is a journey towards unity, integration and wholeness.Mondrian collection expresses the feminine wisdom of creating, nurturing and growing meaningful relationships in the tapestry of life.Your Mondrian jewel is a reminder to be the master of your life canvas and create a newtapestry that combines all your experiences,emotions, memories, dreams and people into a beautiful whole.When you wear a Mondrian piece you will invite more joy, passion and opportunities as you add more colors to your canvas through new connections and relationships. You will be gifted a fresh perspective and a deeper awareness of the meaning of life and your own place in it.

Creativity, inspiration, rhythm,balance, harmony, wisdom, awareness, togetherness, unity. 14K Gold 0.78 Ct H-VS1 Diamond 2.09 Ct Ruby 2 Cm Diameter Pair

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