She then worked as a photographer for several national and international ad agencies and magazines. During the first few years, she was represented by the highly acclaimed photo agency UNIT. After that followed an intense collaboration with director and photographer Yani, under the name GIULIYANI. Together, they create large photo works for both commissioned and autonomous projects.

Jules: “Commissioned projects are challenging and interesting, especially when I’m given free reign. In addition, I’ve always done a lot of autonomous work. For me, it’s a way of creating my own personal visual world.”

In the past two years, Jules has lived on the Spanish island of Ibiza with her family. There, she found the time and the space to come up with the GODERT.ME concept. Jules: “For years, I’ve had this black jacket that I’ve stuck full of pins I collected from all over the world. Continuous positive reactions made me decide to create my own collection of pins and combine that with the ultimate, handmade black tuxedo jacket.”

Jules has a keen eye for beauty, elegance and detail. So it’s no wonder that she expanded her own pin collection with vintage and design pins from all over the world,which makes her collection even more fascinating.

Jules: “For me, creating combinations of different vintage , design and new own design pins on a jacket is a new way of telling a visual story. There is no such thing as having too many pins on your jacket! On GODERT.ME, I can make a selection that suits you perfectly. But you can also tell your own story by simply dragging your favorite pins onto the virtual jacket.”

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