In August of 2017, The LA Times called out Robertson Blvd as being in dire need of a makeover, whilst LA Mag declared it outright over. Well, PERI.A is the comeback kid new on the block - 146 to be exact.

Once the pin in every it girl's map, Robertson was lined with the most infamous boutiques in town - a mecca for LA's style disciples. But after a heap of high profile retail drop-outs, who enrolled at Melrose or Rodeo, Robertson has battled to keep its rep. Now its status is about to be reinstated. PERI.A is here to usher in a new wave of fearless fashion, bringing the shopping experience back to LA, and home to Robertson.

"Years ago when I used to visit LA, Robertson was THE street. When 2009 hit and everybody lost their money, all the stores went away. I figured I'd go for the underdog. I am a firm believer in history repeating itself, I thought, I'm going to bring Robertson back!" - Peri, founder of PERI.A

Peri Arenas is one of the fashion world's most devout worshippers. She's traveled the world, sniffing out the weirdest (most wonderful) art and plucky new labels. Her designer discoveries have become some of the most coveted names in recent times. She kinda has a knack for it. Now, she wants to pour all that know-how into a store, putting her fresh finds on show and giving new designer talent their shot at hitting the big time.

"I pride myself in taking chances. Fashion should be fun, interesting and stimulating. Most stores today are afraid to take risks, I welcome it." - Peri

So what's waiting for you in Peridise? Think serious and fun jewelry, in-your-face accessories, pop inspired prints, and clothes that scream contemporary class, evening clothes and conservative suits so there is something for everyone! You'll also find a whole host of underdog designers who totally throw shade on the likes of Chanel and Valentino.

Peri may be part of fashion's treasured inner circle, but she brings with her to Robertson Blvd an uprising. This brand is about more than making just fashion statements. PERI.A is set to shake up the American fashionscape, which has, in Peri's opinion, become boring and safe.

"It's so boring everyone carrying the same things. Go into the Department Stores and everything looks the same. A lot of people are afraid to like something that not the entire world likes. As soon as I saw a ton of people wearing the same stuff I was no longer interested, it bored me. So that was my concept for this store, to help people who want to think outside the box." - Peri

Moving in with Peri's ballsy personality is a brand identity to match. She was determined for her voice to be heard through the brand's look and feel. As well as creating a backdrop of endless insta ops, PERI.A is all about the IRL experience. Remember the shopping spree era? Actually shopping till you dropped? (No, falling asleep on your laptop doesn't count). From the 'buzz for fashion' door bell to the receipts and price tags, this is a store as fun as the items it stocks. PERI.A is the LA style revolution we've been waiting for!

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