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Peri-A's selection of MUNTHE women's clothing. From elegant and graceful dresses, soft knits, and timeless workwear. Discover New Arrivals for Spring Summer in Clothing and Accessories.

The woman behind MUNTHE is founder and creative director Naja Munthe, who is known for her beautiful and thorough designs.

“My vision is to create a brand that never loses its relevance. MUNTHE’s collections offer a broad range – from out-there designs to stunning, useful wardrobe styles that can be transferred from look to look.

Munthe's internal catchphrase is "for women, by women". The brand aims to create clothing that urges the constant development of personal style. "I do not only chase trends, instead I design instinctually to capture the Scandinavian style that women here have always embraced. As it turns out, you cannot really explain Danish culture without design; its effects are everywhere, from city planning to interior design to fashion”. Naja Munthe

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