18K White Gold & Emeralds The Cat & The Fiddle Ring

18K White Gold & Emeralds The Cat & The Fiddle Ring

Francesca Villa

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A ring with a magical center. High quality jewelry doesn't have to be boring or ancient. This white gold ring is proof

Essex Reverse‚crystal carving and painting has always been a family enterprise and is one of the few art forms of modern times to develop in secrecy, being passed on from one generation to the next.¬†The popularity of these ‚little beauties‚ soared as the twentieth century began and they remained quite fashionable until the early 1930's

** This ring is a one-of-a-kind jewel, hand made in Italy.**

- 18k white gold (gr. 6,30), emeralds (ct. 0,18)
Antique English Essex Crystal
- Size 7.25

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